E-Poster Presentations

E-Poster Presentations

​The accepted posters will be presented as e-posters.

e-Posters presetation certificates

The E-poster certificates will be available in the Meeting Room 5 (Secretariat) on May 7, 2018.

E-Poster Presentation Instructions

Kindly note the following information regarding the e-poster presentations:

  • All e-posters should be prepared in English.
  • E-Posters should be prepared in pdf landscape format.
  • Abstract title, author(s) and affiliation(s) should appear on top of the poster.
  • The e-posters will be displayed during entire congress time from 7-11 May 2018. 

Sample poster template can be found here.

All poster presenters should send their e-poster in pdf format to email address mrodic@kenes.com by 1st April 2018.

list of e-poster presentations

Pub NumberTopicTitle Presenter
PP002Community DentistryImpact of Tooth loss on Oral Health Related Quality of LifePubudu Chrishantha Perera
PP003Community DentistryThe Level of Oral Dental Health on Indonesian Laborer Children’s at Miri’s Oil Palm Plantations AreasFransiske Tatengkeng
PP004Community DentistryInfection control in short-term dental missions: a cross-sectional studyMarian Ave Loquellano Ibon
PP006Community DentistryDMFT Index of Selected Filipino ChildrenRoderick De Leon Valdecantos
PP008Community DentistryCommunity-Based Dental Education Integration in Community Service: Learning from Best Practices and Current TrendsIrynn Caballero Gepigon
PP009Dental MaterialsEstablishment of bone regeneration therapy by direct conversion using rat fibroblastsYoshiki Sato
PP010Dental MaterialsPhysico-mechanical properties of various bulk-fill compositesLippo Lassila
PP011Dental MaterialsComparative Of Tensile Strength Between Cement Resin And Glass Ionomer Cement Type 1 To Nanohybrid Composite Resin Indirect Veneer RestorationWidyapramana Dwi Atmaja
PP013EndodonticsA DOM and CBCT aided endodontic management of the mandibular first premolar with an unsual presentationDr Meera Acharya
PP014EndodonticsThe Incidence of Post-obturation Flare-Up and Its Association with Patient Factors Following Root Canal Treatment by Undergraduate Students-A Prospective StudyA. R. Vivekananda Pai
PP015ImplantologyPrevalence and Morphological Variations of Maxillary Sinus Septa in Different Age Groups: A CBCT AnalysisMohammad S. Al Zahrani
PP016ImplantologyThe effect of smoking on implant supported overdentureMohammed Abdullah Batwa
PP017ImplantologySuccess and Failure Rate of Existing Dental Implants Among Patients Seen by Active Members of a Dental Chapter in Metro ManilaMartin Wilfred Quijano Libunao
PP018Operative DentistryAssociation between Longitudinal Tooth Fractures and Visual Detection Methods in DiagnosisJae Hoon Kim
PP019Oral Medicine / Oral Pathology / Oral CancerEffects of income and geographic area on survival of patients with head and neck cancers following radiotherapy: Working age individuals in TaiwanTsu Jen Kuo
PP020Oral Medicine / Oral Pathology / Oral CancerExtracranial schwannomas arising from rare locations in the head and neck: A report of 2 cases and Literature ReviewGerald Teng Co Hernandez
PP021Oral Medicine / Oral Pathology / Oral CancerRole of RUNX3 in oral squamous cell carcinomaYi Shing Shieh
PP024Oral MicrobiologyChanges in susceptibility of oral Candida dubliniensis isolates to lysozyme and lactoferrin following brief exposure to drugs with antifungal propertiesArjuna Nishantha Ellepola
PP025Oral RadiologyAssociation between Sella Turcica Morphology and Obesity in AdolescentsYasin Yasa
PP026Oral RadiologyIs cone-beam computed tomography an essential diagnostic tool for endodontic practice?Joey Donovan
PP027Oral SurgeryInfluence of far infrared radiation by isotropic high-density carbon on the oral mucosaToshiro Yamamoto
PP030Oral SurgeryVascularised fibula free flap in mandibular reconstruction-early experience at the Department of Oral Surgery Hospital Kuala LumpurWan Mahadzir Mustafa
PP032OrthodonticsEmergency Appointments in OrthodonticsRajesh Gyawali
PP033OrthodonticsThe Custom and Commercial Techniques for Tipped Molars UprightingChia Tze Kao
PP034OrthodonticsMesial Movement of Maxillary First Molar in En Mass Orthodontic Treatment with Extraction of Maxillary First PremolarJunichiro Mori
PP036Pediatric DentistryAnxiety Management Strategies in Reducing Anxiety Level Among Pediatric Dental PatientsCris Anne Mangio David
PP038PeriodonticsReduced ADAM8 Levels in Association with Clinical Improvement upon Non-surgical Periodontal TherapyWin Pa Pa Aung
PP040PeriodonticsBone density in patients with aggressive periodontitisMaher A. Alabdulkarim
PP041PeriodonticsDuration of miswak and toothbrush on plaque removalMohammed Abdullah Batwa
PP043PeriodonticsThe Effect of Oil Pulling in the Formation of Dental Plaque: A Double-blind Clinical Trial through Time Series AnalysisArnold Toledano Sicat
PP044ProsthodonticsThe use of CAD-CAM ceramic to build occlusal surface of removable prosthesis- an alternative approachAbdulaziz A Alamro
PP045ProsthodonticsFlexural strength of the provisional resin bridges fabricated by a 3D printerSeong Kyun Kim
PP046ProsthodonticsPrediction of the learning curves of two dental CAD software programsKeunbada Son
PP047ProsthodonticsComparison on user convenience and satisfaction with two types of CAD software for dental implant used by experienced and untrained practitionersSeong Min Kim
PP048ProsthodonticsA trueness evaluation of intraoral scanner system: in vitro studyMei Yang Huang
PP049ProsthodonticsAnalysis of the accuracy of tightening torque in electronic torque drivers using two torque measurement methodsRaehyun Kim
PP050ProsthodonticsImplant prosthodontics from a public service perspectives: the UAE experienceNabeel Humood Alsabeeha
PP051ProsthodonticsThe Role Of Peripheral Seal In Complete Denture Retention: A Case ReportFahmi Yunisa
PP052OtherBack and neck pain among Nepali undergraduate dental studentsJamal Giri
PP053OtherDental students' perceptions and prospective choice of specialties in the Philippines: a thematic researchMa Jenny Therese Baylin
PP054OtherTransverse analyses on the dental students’ personality types and learning preferences of a dental school in the PhilippinesCastulo Jr. Idul
PP055OtherChallenges in meeting the demands for future dental faculty: a cross sectional surveyRovelyn Joy Batirzal
OtherThe development of photonic diagnostic method in dentistryTetsuya Adachi
​Complete regeneration of maxillary sinus anterior wall with coverage of anterior antrum
​Min Su Kim
PP058OtherA Descriptive Study on Simulation and Educational Practices: Its Effects on Satisfaction and Confidence in Learning of Dentistry StudentsRachelle Ungos Sobrevinas
PP059OtherCombined delivery of two different bioactive factors incorporated hydroxyapatite microcarrier for bone regenerationHyonseok Jang
PP060OtherFaculty Members’ Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Dentistry Graduates’ Board Performance In A Selected Dental InstitutionBelinda Mutya Arias
PP061OtherMentoring Scheme of the Aruga Program: A Tool to Enhance the Academic Performance of Dentistry StudentsArlene Pimentel Pajanostan
PP062Community DentistryA Study on Evaluation of Effect of Mitigating Dentin Hypersensitivity of Dentifrice Containing Potassium Nitrate (KNO3:101.10) and Aluminum Lactate (C9H15AIO9:294.19)Hyun Jun Yoo
PP063Community DentistryLong-Term Pain-relieving Effects of Toothpaste Containing Potassium Nitrate and Aluminum Lactate for Dentin HypersensitivityYong Duk Park
PP064Community DentistryThe effect of new dentifrice on inhibition of the decrease in enamel mineral densityJa Won Cho
PP065Community DentistryDental Students' Community Rotation in Preschool Daycare CentersRose Anne Q Rosanes
PP067Dental MaterialsEvaluation of the cytotoxicity of high molecular-weight hyaluronic acid in human dental pulp cellsElif Bahar Tuna
PP068Dental MaterialsFlexural Strength Properties of Light Cured Composite Resin and Zirconia Reinforced Glass IonomerFilipina Bautista Ng
PP069Dental MaterialsNIR Upconversion to Enhance Resin Cement Polymerization under Zirconia CeramicsShu Fen Chuang
PP070Dental MaterialsOptical properties of different translucency zirconia crownsChia Ling Li
PP071Neuroscience / TMDEvaluating the effectiveness of various management techniques for BruxismSachin Kulkarni
PP072Oral Medicine / Oral Pathology / Oral CancerMANGOSTEEN SKIN(Graciniamangostana L)AS STEM CELL GROWTH FACTORIra Arundina
PP074Oral Medicine / Oral Pathology / Oral Cancer58.220 kDa and 48,645 kDa specific protein of oral squamous cell carcinoma In Indonesia Theresia Indah Budhy1, Ira Arundina2, Istiati 3 Sri Kunarti 4 Prastyo Agung Masyuda5 1,3 Oral Pathology and Maxilofacial., 2 Oral Biology,4 Endodontis,5 StudentTheresia Indah Budhy
PP075Oral Medicine / Oral Pathology / Oral CancerMandibular ameloblastoma: A case reportYasin Yasa
Oral RadiologyOptimization of System Layout for Single-grating Phase Contrast X-ray ImagingHyosung Cho
PP077Oral SurgeryCase Study: Bichatectomy as an alternative cosmetic facial contouring procedureRyan Soriano
PP080Oral SurgeryA Case of Mandibular Condyle Ankylosis Surgically Treated with Gap ArthroplastyCassiopeia G. Agbayani
PP082Oral SurgeryA Case of Desmoplastic Fibroma Treated with Surgical Resection and Fibular Flap Reconstruction with Surgical Guides & Customized Plate and ScrewsChealsey Sembrano Ocreto
PP083Oral SurgeryA Case of Chronic Osteomyelitis of the Left Mandible Managed with Partial Resection and Reconstruction with Fibula Flap with Titanium Plates and ScrewsKarl Lester Balderas Dizon
PP084Oral SurgeryCase Report: Management of Odontogenic MyxomaMicah Shannaline G. Sy
PP085Oral SurgeryA Case of a 32 year old Male Patient with Congenital Anomalies and Multiple Keratocystic Odontogenic Tumor treated with Excision and MarsupializationRuby Ellaine Paz Reyes
PP086Oral SurgeryA Rare Case of Ameloblastic Fibroma treated by Resection with Safety Margin and Reconstruction using Vascularized Fibular Flap with Titanium Plate and ScrewsPatricia Dyan Lorenzo Ligon
PP087Oral SurgeryA Peculiar Case of an Impacted Third Molar Removal in a Geriatric Patient via Extraoral ApproachHannah Mariel Potente Dumlao
PP088OrthodonticsTreatment of Class II Subdivision Malocclusion by Unilateral Power Scope Appliance: A Case ReportSuleyman Kutalmış Buyuk
PP089OrthodonticsTreatment of Skeletal Class II Malocclusion using Jasper Jumper Functional Appliance: A Case ReportHuseyin Simsek
PP090OrthodonticsAsymmetric Premolar Extraction Orthodontic Management of Severe Maxillary Crowding: A Case ReportSuleyman Kutalmış Buyuk
PP091OtherAssociation of factors affecting the use of records management systems in dental clinics in the Makati Central Business District (CBD)Abiel Galila Catalan
PP092OtherLeft - handed dentistry in a right handed teaching learning environmentArthur Tibayan Magboo
PP094OtherPlatelet-Increasing Activity of the Formulated Syrup from the Expressed Juice of Carica papaya Leaves (Caricaceae) in Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenic Sprague-Dawley RatsCrislee Manipon Torio
PP096Pediatric DentistryInterceptive Correction of Anterior Single Unilateral Dental Crossbite with Modified Nance Appliance: A Report of Two CasesMohammed Ibrahim Alzahrani
Pediatric Dentistry​The Effect of Nano-Hydroxyapatite Gel on Enamel Remineralization: an {in vitro} study
​Ainaj Nuñez Sinagpulo
PP098Pediatric DentistryUprighting of Mandibular Second Molar with Modified Halterman Appliance: A Case ReportHuseyin Simsek
PP100ProsthodonticsNon-Thermal Plasma on the Shear Bond Strength of Relining Resin to Thermoplastic Denture Base ResinLiezl Manaloto Ceballos
PP101ProsthodonticsImplant-Supported Removable Partial Denture in Mandibular Kennedy Class I Partial Edentulous Patient: a case reportKyeonghwan Kang
PP103PeriodontologyOccurrence of early gingivitsi among vape using nicotine containing e-juicesFarah C. Mian Khan

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