Certificate Printing

Certificate Printing

It is with great fervour that the 40th APDC & 109th PDA blissfully announce the re-opening of the APDC Certificate of Participation portal. The Organizing Committee and the Officers would like to thank you for your steadfast fortitude and humbly request for clemency upon the delay due to unforeseen circumstances that could not be avoided. Nonetheless we were able to accomplish the needed task.

To enter, click to the below link : https://meetinexpo.com/apdc2018certificate2/.  

Type in your Congress assigned barcode numers or your PRC number. In case you type your PRC and it initially doesn't open, kindly include "00 or 00-", after your PRC numbers. You'll be able to open and download your Certificates of Participation from there.

If there are any other queries or concerns, feel free to go to this link https://meetinexpo.com/apdc2018query/ and Congress Secretariat (Kenes M+) will get back to you on your query or concern at the soonest possible time.

Please include your email address to the query form in order to receive a response from the congress secretariat. 

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