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About APDF

APDF/APRO aims to:

  •  Enroll all National Dental Associations in the Asia Pacific region, irrespective of size, as members of the Asia Pacific Dental Federation/Asia Pacific Regional Organisation (APDF/APRO)

  • Encourage all National Dental Associations in the Asia Pacific region to become members of the World Dental Federation (FDI) of which APDF/APRO is the regional organisation

  • Recommend Policies and Programmes for the promotion of good oral health, continuing dental education and advancement of dental education

  • Develop resources for dental education and the promotion of oral health

  • Conduct activities and continuing dental education programmes in order to upgrade the quality of dentistry in the region

  • To upgrade the skills, expertise and knowledge of dental practitioners so that they may serve the general population better

  • Develop the International College of Continuing Dental Education (ICCDE) as the APDF/APRO's integral and effective educational component of APDF/APRO

  • Seek cooperation with industry in oral health and dental education

  • Ensure that all national dental associations are equal members in the Federation/Regional Organisation.

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